5 Ways that Men Show Women Love

5 Ways that Men Show Women Love

Posted 2014-07-09 by Selina Shaplandfollow
Men, I have found, have special ways of expressing love toward the women in their lives.

I have also experienced and observed that women can find it difficult to spot these 'love signs' from their man.

Love Signs Artist, Selina Shapland, 2011

This is what loving men has taught me about their special way of showing love:

1. They show their love through sex - yes, it's true, they do love to be physical with our sexy selves and delight in every curvy bit we have.

2. They will do things around the house. They will fix things and be consistent in providing a 'safe haven' for their special lady. This could be general home maintenance or the act of going to work to ensure that they can continue to add money to the household and keep all the special things you have acquired together.

This is love in action from a man to a woman and when she can see his 'love actions' and acknowledge them, the man feels elated and the behaviour of showing love increases.

3. Men will do everything in their power to find that elusive solution to help their woman deal with the difficulty they are facing. It's a way of expressing love like a man, not a woman. Men don't mean to step on their special lady's emotional toes, but they can't seem to help themselves (in my opinion) from fixing or problem solving because their brains work well with problems and solutions.

4. Not every man will be able to vocalise or articulate that they actually do love the woman in their life. But, they will do things for their special lady that show her how much she means to him. Some guys will surprise the women in their life by doing or buying something that they heard their lady say she liked in passing. He may even suggest that you both go see the chick-flick that she really wanted to see.

It's in the details that they show their love and appreciation.

5. Some guys will do the most unromantic romantic things for their lady. They will spend time with their girlfriend or partner's friends and families when they would really rather be doing something else. It's not big on his agenda, but it's important to her, so he will do it and it says 'I love you.'

In the end, if the women are able to spot the love signs and actions of love coming from the men in their lives, it goes a long way to creating and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.


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