A Gay Mans Perspective on Straight Men

A Gay Mans Perspective on Straight Men

Posted 2014-08-22 by Katiefollow

Recently I was having a whinge to my gay friend about how guys don't like me. They keep deleting me off FB or ignoring my texts. And I'm not even being a crazy psycho clingy person. So I don't get why. He says I have no interests that guys like. His suggestions were watch game of thrones, play league of legends and that guys don't like sport unless they are old. And a few other things. I've thought about it and I spoke to some straight guys to get their opinion. Here's the results.

Guys like to watch Game of Thrones
5 out of 7 men said they like to watch Game of thrones. One said he watched it but he's not really into it. And the seventh guy doesn't watch it at all.

Guys don't like sports unless they are old
The same seven men I questioned about G.O.T were also asked about sports with 5 out of 7 saying they like it. The sixth person even saying he likes it and that every guy he knows likes sports. They either play it or watch it. Only one no for sport.

Guys don't like to watch reality tv
I got a few mixed reactions with reality tv. Most the men asked said they like it. There were some comments as well. One saying he hates it and that it's too over the top. One guy said sometimes he watches it. But not often.

So there are the result most men do like G.O.T and sports but they don't really like reality tv. As for the rest, I'm sure when I meet someone and start datingI'll find out what they like and don't like then.


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