Accepting Compliments

Accepting Compliments

Posted 2014-03-02 by Nickedfollow

Most of us have met someone who cannot take compliments. Saying “...hey, you look awesome today...” and there goes the recipient saying, “Are you kidding me?” being tactless, you might have rolled your eyes openly so as to signal the person to just take the compliment and be grateful because you don’t always compliment people.

Another funny circumstance is when your girlfriend looks at the mirror and repeatedly saying that she looks hideous, her pores are big, her moles look like dirt, and you sometimes just want to be annoyed and tell her how she underestimates your capacities to love just the way she is.

There is a fine line between lamenting about how you do not like things about your body and your tendency to fish for compliments.

In dating and relationships, the insecurities of your partner can get tiresome, and if you are repeatedly trying to boost someone’s esteem it can become exhausting. So, go out there and be flawesome.


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