Adding a Fresh Touch to your Relationship

Adding a Fresh Touch to your Relationship

Posted 2016-09-16 by DanyaSfollow

If you are in a long-term relationship, then you certainly understand how there can be a need for some extra excitement every now and again. That is especially so if you have been together for many years. What better way to keep your relationship fresh than adding an extra touch of romance and quality time.

Being with someone for a long while can lead you both to fall into a routine which can get dull at times. The effort and romance should not come to an end simply because you have found your soulmate. To keep a relationship alive and exciting, regardless of the duration of time you have been together, lies with both partners.

Here are a few things you could do to ensure you always make time for one another in the midst of today’s constantly busy world.

  • Start date night once a week – Alternate who chooses what to do each week. This can also bring you closer as you indulge in one another’s interests.

  • Start movie nights in – Cuddle up on the sofa with popcorn or maybe some hot chocolate.

  • Find something you both enjoy doing and include it in your weekly routine.

  • Emphasize quality time by engaging in activities that eliminate distractions leading to deep and intimate conversations. Even going for a walk or coffee can do the trick.

  • Find couple friends and plan double dates.

  • Plan an entire day out or a weekend away somewhere you would both find exciting.

  • Of course, there are endless more things that can be done, but the above is a good place to get started. Adding some excitement to an ongoing flame is never a bad idea. In the end, putting a little more effort into your relationship will always prove to be worth it.


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