Bring Back The Bliss Of Love

Bring Back The Bliss Of Love

Posted 2015-05-30 by angelstarfollow

Is it still there? Or are you holding on to everything for the wrong reasons. We all want to be happy and loved by someone, don't deny it. Yes we females love to be touched and pampered by our partners but we do not want to be spoilt rotten with everything. That takes away our control and our ability to show what we really are made of. Some men get the wrong idea thinking we want to be wrapped in cotton wool, no way not some of us.

We would prefer to be respected, charmed, treated like a lady and above all listened to, that is the true meaning to get our display of affection in the relationship. Sure there are some that go for that type of relationship but you usually find those ones are shallow and not really that happy. As the saying goes money cant buy you happiness, so true but it can help. I think it is awesome when a man really shows his love to you by doing the little things to help us, it does not have to be a huge thing. We sure appreciate any little gesture from our men to make our lives a bit easier

Now back to the bliss, the scent of love, gifts, holidays, perfume, surprises all amazing but deep down are you only happy in life when you have those possessions? If the answer is yes then you are missing out on the bliss of life and letting life pass you by. If your answer is no , well done to you. You have your eyes open to the love of bliss in life. So if you have a relationship that continues to spiral down hill, jump now before its too late. Do not let yourself become a victim of a negative relationship. Then every morning from tomorrow onwards tell yourself you are blessed and very lucky to be you always. Repeat it to yourself until you really believe it, then you will find your bliss with love and life.


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