Building A Strong Relationship

Building A Strong Relationship

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Build a strong relationship with your partner

Wanting to build a strong relationship between you and your partner may seem hard, but there are ways for you to do it.

Most couples like keeping some stuff to themselves, and not telling the other what they are thinking all the time.

It actually helps build the relationship if you tell the other person what you are thinking (good or bad), and telling them what you are feeling. Even if it includes the other person, they will feel better knowing what you are feeling and thinking.

You could sit down and have a one on one talk with your partner, and ask each other questions you and your partner would like to know about each other.
Start with some small and not so invasive questions such as:

What is your worst nightmare?
What was it like growing up where you did?
Do you have any scars?

Simple stuff like that may lead into a deeper story, and you may know a little more about your partner then you did before.

Don't ask big questions too soon because it may freak you or your partner out.

Leave it for a while, and then sit your partner down and ask them to have a one on one with you, like you did the first time. But this time you could start off asking questions such as:

How did people treat you before me?
What do you honestly think about me?
What is your relationship like with your family?

If your partner is doing something you do not like, then go ahead and tell them. You guys can then talk about it and come to a compromise.

Once you guys get into a deeper relationship, you could have another one on one and ask much deeper questions such as:

What was it like between you and your ex/ex's?
What were the reason you guys broke up?
What do you plan on doing in the future?

You may have other questions you may want to ask them, and don't be afraid to. It will help you both if you know more about each other. Don't be afraid that if you fight that the other may hate you; both of you then should sit down and let one another tell their side of the story. Once you guys have told both sides, explain why it upset you or listen to why it upset them.

Talking about ex's may be hurtful, but it will help you guys understand what happened, and you guys will know what not to do with each other.

Talking and listening are the key rules to any relationship.

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