Can Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder

Posted 2014-01-20 by Lorna Bergamascofollow
“If you love someone let them go free, if they come back to you they are yours forever, if they do not, they were never yours to begin with.” - Anonymous

The old cliché “absence makes the heart grow fonder” roughly translated means that people become dearer to us when they are absent or gone, and can be applied to many different types of absences and relationships. If a relationship, however, is in the doldrums, time apart may be just what is needed to rekindle that spark of love.

Some of the benefits to spending time apart are:

• Communication may improve, as couples find their conversations are more meaningful when apart, and they start to feel that connection again. Improving communication in any relationship can only strengthen the relationship.

• Happiness together is now coupled with happiness apart. This means that you are now responsible for your own happiness, and this realisation softens feelings of sadness connected with the absence of a loved one.

• Feelings of independence are reignited. Having to make decisions on a daily basis without the backup of a partner elicits feelings of empowerment.

• Having some distance in your relationship allows you to miss each other, which leads to appreciation of why you miss each other.

• Excitement is reintroduced into your relationship as you look forward to that Skype, e-mail or phone time.

• Couples tend to become more romantic towards their partner when absent. Romance in a relationship is not always a priority as your relationship ages.

There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to take a little time out from your relationship. It allows you to think about what is really important in your relationship, and even though up to this point you have grown together; there is no reason why your relationship should not continue to grow while apart.

It is a true test of your trust and love for each other - a little breathing space which you take, secure in the knowledge that true love will always withstand the test of time.


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