Dating Blues

Dating Blues

Posted 2014-05-05 by Nickedfollow
Before going out on a date of course you stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself if “it” is enough. “It” may be your make-up, your dress, your shaved beard, and all physical. Sometimes people forget to look beyond what a mirror shows.

You are always enough. You only have to ask yourself if you could carry a good conversation, if you already are over your ex, and if you really feel like going out without dragging yourself from home. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with everything at the moment. Some guys would even be awed if you wear just shirt, jeans and sneakers. Go out and carry yourself—it’s the most natural thing to do.

Thing is, just dress nicely enough that you are comfortable and that you have to make sure you don’t wear a high cut skirt when you’re going horseback riding (exaggeratingly). Keep politeness and courtesy with you and of course do not bring with you your dramatic self because you both are out to have fun.


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