Finding Happiness Alone

Posted 2016-09-21 by DanyaSfollow

Society and people around us can dictate, in some cultures even more than others, that being alone is a bad thing. You may have been in the dating scene falling in and out of love for the majority of your adult life. You may find yourself being in one relationship to another with no prospect of happiness. What we often neglect to realize is we may simply need to be on our own. Being able to be alone can define if and how we can be happy in a long lasting relationship.

There are endless benefits to being alone; you discover and love yourself more; you find tranquillity and happiness within your own company. It can change the way you view the world and people around you. You may even find your appreciation of your family and friends increasing.

Being on your own gives you time to think about all the plans you may have put on hold because of someone else in the past, and to finally pursue them. It can take an event such as a relationship breaking apart to enforce that realization. Relationships ending painfully such as in cases of infidelity can leave us with additional anguish and self-doubt. This can push some to seek validation in other potential partners soon after instead of taking the time to be alone for their wounds and mind to heal.

Escaping from one individual to the next is a pattern that ends up in constant heartbreak. That time alone can help you uncover what you truly desire in a relationship and a partner, making it far more promising to begin something else in the future. At that point, you will know when the time and the person are right, and that you are not simply rushing into something to avoid being on your own.

The most powerful force we possess to create and maintain our own happiness is ourselves. Therefore, why not take the time to understand yourself fully and find comfort within our own skin before finding it elsewhere. Life has a funny way of playing out; perhaps it is only when you stop looking that a special someone finds you. Until then, adore and value yourself all the more.


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