Finding the One

Posted 2016-09-16 by DanyaSfollow

“The one” are words that echo in the minds of all the romantics out there, especially in the dating scene. How to find that “one” is a thought most of us have pondered endlessly about. But is it possible to have more than one of them throughout your life?

Do not despair if you have been through a few relationships and have not found that special someone yet. I have often thought to my partner and soulmate, I wish we would have met sooner. However, I would realize immediately after that I would not have been the same person had we met any earlier, and nor would he.

This brings me to my point. I believe that every person you are with can be your “one”, perhaps not for a lifetime but for however long you are together. Every individual you are with or meet serves a purpose in your life and they can be that one meant for you in that very moment in time. They can help you grow, push you to advance, or even teach you relationship lessons that would take further and make you happier with someone else. Every person we meet or relationship we have shapes us slowly into who we will be one day, or who we have already become today.

Reflecting on my life and choices in the past, it all adds up. Every person and everything happened for a reason. All the heartbreak, pain, or even happier moments, they all formed me into the woman I am today.

You should take pride in your past as it has aided in your development into who you are now. If you have yet to meet your soulmate, then simply enjoy each moment to come and the person you are with. At one point or another, true love will sweep you so fast that everything else will cease to matter. It may not always be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.


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