First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage

First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage

Posted 2014-02-17 by SJPfollow
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Nowadays, more and more young people are taking the vow of marriage. Needless to say I was one of them. My husband proposed to me when I was 21 years old and I have never looked back since.

Age doesn't define a person and definitely doesn't define when one should get married. With age only a number, no one can tell you how old you should be to take a vow. Instead, maturity decides whether you are ready for this long-term commitment.

Before you say 'I do', make sure you are getting married for the right reasons. This is a commitment that should last a lifetime. Marriage is not a fashion statement and should not be rushed because others around you are getting married at a young age. Good communication is the key to a good relationship and a long lasting marriage. If you know they are the one, there is nothing to be gained from waiting. This is a decision made between two people who are in love. Whether you are 20 or 40, love does not have a number.

If there is one piece of doubt in your mind, do not make a rushed decision to say ‘I do’. Talk to each other and make sure you both want the same things in life. Be aware of the loopholes of getting married young as there can be many challenges of this commitment.

There will always be positives and challenges in a marriage, whether you are young or old. Your life will change forever, as you will be sharing your life with another. As long as you are getting married for the right reasons, you are never too young to make the vow.


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