Friends With Your Ex The Debate

Posted 2014-01-23 by SJPfollow

There are many different reasons why a relationship does not last, but does this mean that we remove them from our lives completely? The verdict is divided when it comes to this debate as every situation we go through is different. It is important that all relationship break-ups are assessed individually.

Understanding your motives is most important when deciding if you are going to remain friends with your ex. Determine exactly where your ex fits into your life. If you have children with them, it is important to keep the communication alive. You do not have to be the best of friends, however being civil is the best outcome for you and your children.

If the relationship ended amicably, there is no reason why you cannot be friends. In some instances, couples may find they get along better as friends rather than having an intimate relationship together.

If you are only remaining friends to get back together with them, you should end the friendship. This could lead to more heartache as they may not feel the same.

Being friends may not give you closure. If passion still exists, it will prevent you from moving on and beginning another relationship. Cutting all ties will help you move on. The less you see them, the less you think about them, and soon enough you will be happy. Being happy and avoiding the negatives of a past relationship will allow you to find a better soul mate.

Staying friends with you ex could make your new love interest feel awkward. They may think you still have feelings for them, hence making the new relationship suffer. Don't jeopardise a new beginning with old stale ones.

It can be difficult staying friends with your ex, and most of the time it is not necessary. However, assess all your relationships differently, and most importantly do not allow your decision to threaten any future relationships.


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