Give Yourself Every Chance To Love Again

Posted 2014-01-14 by leebefollow
Give yourself every chance to love again

It's so very important that we learn from the experiences of our yesterdays - but it is equally important that we don't let our yesterday's ruin our today's.

When something happens which we vow and declare we will learn from and never do again, it's wonderful if we don't make the mistake twice; but we have to be careful to allow ourselves to trust someone new, and to have new experiences.

The past is just that - the past. If we keep looking backwards, there is so little chance that we'll be able to move forward.

There is no greater tragedy than being so busy feeling angry and hurt about things that have happened previously, that we miss out on what is happening right now.

Even sadder is when we keep measuring the one we are with now with those we have known before. Expecting something to fail is not something we do consciously, but looking under every rock, reading things into situations because it's happened to us before is a relationship wrecker.

Learning to trust again, when we've been hurt, is really hard sometimes, but it's imperative if we ever hope to find love again.

Giving yesterday the flick, not going over and over past scenarios and giving a new love the opportunity to be wonderful is too important to not sort out.

Literally tell your mind to stop when you start comparing and worrying. Don't paint the new person with the same old brush. He deserves a fair chance, and when you're tempted to pick up the old feelings and play with them again, just go ahead and tell yourself no.

You deserve a new beginning. You deserve the most beautiful and true love there is. Don't let someone who trod all over you before destroy your future happiness and have the victory.

Love again. Trust again. Give yourself permission to fly and live again. Let yourself go to experience all there is to enjoy.

Look after your heart and give it the wings it requires. It has the capacity to bring you so much joy.

Love may be just around the corner for you.


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