How And Where To Find A Man

How And Where To Find A Man

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At some time in their life many woman will find themselves asking how and where they can find a man. Some will find themselves asking the question several or perhaps numerous times throughout the course of their life.

People have different views on whether you are more likely to find a man when you are not looking or when you have made up your mind you are going to find someone. You will hear stories to back up both beliefs.

Perhaps you are definitely looking. The following are some of the places you may find a man, with a few anecdotes thrown in.

1. Internet
This is the 21st century so this is where I'll start. Some dating sites aim at a specific age group or people with a particular interest such as science fiction, travel or gluten-free eating. There are dating sites for women looking for a man with a beard, of a particular religion, someone who understands the 'love me, love my cat/ dog' deal or from a specific country.

You are more likely to get a few dates through internet dating than be trying other methods of finding a man. However, being focused on finding a man can be disappointing if you don't find someone compatible.

Some women have found a man through the internet when they weren't really looking for one. There are stories of women who have found their match through playing online games or joining an online interest group such as one to do with the environment or conservation. The common interest has brought them together online and in time they have met in person and found true love. Awww

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2. Common interest groups
Joining a group where like minded people gather is a sound basis for meeting a man with whom you share common interests and values. The group could be about writing, gardening, art, sport, swimming, cooking, photography or anything else.

In this type of environment you have the opportunity to find out about a man before going out. You are more likely to get an idea of what he is really like because he (probably) isn't trying to impress you.

You will be involved in self improvement and benefit from the social contact with like minded people, whether you happen to meet a man or not.

3. Seminars, workshops, courses
Whether this extra study is for work or a hobby you are likely to meet men who are interested in learning new things. You have things to talk about and some common interests and goals. Even if you don't meet a man you are likely to make some new female friends and learn new things so you are still winning.

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4. Volunteer Work
You will have some values and interests in common with any man you encounter in a volunteering environment. As well as the possibility of finding a genuine man who thinks of others you will be developing your skills, getting satisfaction from helping others and improving your chances of employment if you are looking for work.

5. Work
Personally, I think dating a man who works in the same office or other work environment as you can lead to awkwardness down the track if things don't work out. Even if you become a permanent item life can be uncomfortable if his ex girlfriend happens to work there. It can be tricky if others are criticising your man and you walk in on the conversation. Just saying...

However, you may meet a man through your work without working in the same office and that may work out well. Perhaps you meet at another branch or at somewhere associated with your workplace. You are likely to have similar levels of education, common interests and an understanding of the pressures of the typical work day.

6. Waiting for the bus, train, plane
Do you remember the Herman's Hermits' song, Bus Stop?

Sometimes one will get talking and that could lead to a relationship, or at least a cup of coffee. I have been invited out for a coffee and asked for a date by fellow travellers, but that is as far as it has gone.

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7. Parties and other social occasions
Attending a party is a good opportunity to meet new people. I recall a party thrown by a uni friend I attended in my late teens. A guy I liked turned up with, drat, a girlfriend. Up to this point I had been unaware he had a girlfriend.

At first I was jealous and then realised she didn't know anyone and was feeling out of place. I went over and chatted to her for a while and then decided to get to know other people who weren't part of our uni group and were a bit lonely. I ended up with a date which turned out to be lots of fun.

8. Walking the dog
It's easy to get talking to other people, including men, when you are out walking your dog. Being able to talk about your dogs takes the pressure off as you are not focusing on each other initially. You have a common interest and he has to be a nice guy, surely, if he loves his dog.

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9. The pub
Although pubs aren't every girl's scene and you can meet some guys who have had one too many, it is possible to meet someone nice. The new guy in town may be feeling a bit out of place but have headed for the local watering hole to find someone interesting (you) to talk to. Sometimes the man you meet may only be in town for a while but a few dates could still be enjoyable. There is the possibility of a long term relationship if one of you decides to relocate.

10. Cooking classes
These tend to be interactive so you have the opportunity to chat. You may find a man with similar tastes (literally) to yours or you may just end up learning how to cook tasty meals or cook on a budget.

11. Museums and art galleries
Whatever happens you will learn something and expand your knowledge. You may meet a guy, get chatting and take it from there. Sometimes there is a cafe at these places, how convenient.

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12. Through family and friends
This has been a way to meet a man since forever. Perhaps someone plays matchmaker and this may work, be a disaster or just end up being a nice day out which doesn't go any further.

Some years ago a dear friend of mine who lived some distance away told me she had found my soul mate. When I went to stay with her she introduced us. We spent a few pleasant hours together but he was definitely not my soul mate.

Another friend casually introduced me to a man she had known since she was a teenager. We were at a work do at a local pub and he happened to be there with his work mates at the same time. She did not expect us to 'hit it off' but we did and went out for a few months. I would never have met him if she hadn't introduced us.

There are opportunities to meet a man in all sorts of places. However, meeting the right man, well that can be a bit more difficult. If you are out there looking, good luck.


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