How Overthinking Affects Your Dating Life

How Overthinking Affects Your Dating Life

Posted 2014-06-05 by Nickedfollow
What 'I-want-to-marry-that-person-someday' thought can do with your future.


One great fault people do when they like the person they are just about to date is to think so much about the future that could happen. Look, you are still on a date, trying to get to know each other...don't make a huge leap. These are the worst things that may happen:

Sad stories on the first date

Yes, you may feel so comfortable that you can tell the person about the darkest days of your life. But, remember why you are on a date, and it is to have fun. Worst thing could happen, your date may be consumed by negative emotions that will leave your date feeling helpless on how to comfort you.

Strangulation - too close for comfort

How on earth would anybody further like someone who likes and comments on every post you make on every site you are into. Whatever you do, that person would get mushy on you because he or she just doesn't know. That's not far from being a stalker. You might as well save your life by running.

Hit the ground running

"I think you'll make my good husband." Whoa, hold up with that, don't say it out loud. Save that for when you're already together. Some people especially men, freak out hearing those words. You can put this on a joke, but it still rings a bell.


It is best to keep things cool at first, and slowly break the ice.


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