How To Make The Best Of A Terrible Date

How To Make The Best Of A Terrible Date

Posted 2014-10-31 by SJPfollow

We all dread a bad date, but unfortunately you do not know what to expect until you turn up. No matter how bad your date is going, it may not be possible or easy to leave early. If leaving early is not an option, try to make the date a little more interesting for yourself. Here are some ideas to make your bad date a little enjoyable.

Try Different Drinks On The Menu
Shots, cocktails, mocktails - you name it! Try different drinks on the menu that you may never have tried before. This is the perfect time to experiment and make your date a little more interesting. Get your date involved; you may begin to have a better time than you anticipated. Always remember drink responsibly!

Be Friends With the Waiter/Waitress
If your date is quite boring and you really don’t have anything in common with them, start chatting to the waiter when they come to serve you. Ask them for their opinion on different dishes and drinks. Get their recommendations and start a conversation with them. Not only will they give you great service, they will come and visit your table frequently, which will break the ice between you and your date.

Make Social Connections If Possible
See if your date can be of assistance in your work life. Learn about what they do and if they can be a good networking tool for you. Finding this information will allow you to have something to talk about. You never know who they may have connections with that may help to you and your career.

There are also benefits of a bad date that one may not realise. Every date will give you practice and allow you to know what works and what doesn’t. This will also be a wake up call for you. If you continue to have bad dates, maybe it is time to reevaluate the guys you are attracted to. Maybe you need to get out of your comfort zone and date guys you never thought you would.

Not every date can go as you planned, but surviving it will make you stronger and ready for the next one. Try a few of these tips if you are game and take the time to evaluate afterwards. You may find you were dating the wrong type of guys altogether.


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