How to Prepare for a Blind Date

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Many people believe that a blind date is the most nerve-wrecking date you can go on. Having no idea what to expect can be very daunting for some, but it is not that different if you were to go on a normal date. The only difference is that you are not in control of whom you are going on the blind date with. If you are approached with one, give it a shot – you have nothing to lose.

Pre Date Information
Get as much information as you about the person you are meeting before the date. This will make you more settled and it will give you time to think about what you can talk about. This will avoid any awkward silences. Knowing a bit about them can also help you avoid talking a bout certain topics that may be off limits, such as family or other certain personal issues that they may have a soft spot for.

Open Minded
Go in to the date with low expectations. You will most likely have a better time if you go in open minded. Be open to new experiences as it can give you more confidence.

On The Date
Always be polite on the date. If they are not what you expected, don’t say it to their face. This can be quite rude and insulting. Go with the flow and see what the night brings. Listen, make conversation and don’t be too personal. Keep the conversation light hearted and make it a pleasant night even if they are not your type. Going on a date with them does not mean you need to go on a second if you did not feel a connection. Remember, you may bump into them again, so always make the date as pleasant as possible.

Don’t be afraid of blind dates. The person that set you up obviously feels that you two may have a connection. Give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a crack. You never know, sparks may fly and the blind date may lead to so much more.


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