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Posted 2017-04-21 by Mina Keenanfollow

To each generation - it's own - when it comes to courtship.

Speed Dating
Today there is speed dating. There is not the luxury of time for the romantic introduction.

Line up like cows, judge, get judged, then move on. Smacks of self- importance....if I don't like you in five seconds flat, you're toast. If we like each other or not - fine.

This seems pretty cold. No manners in it. Learning how to let someone down easy, and learning to be graceful will hold a person in good stead for life.

I believe the old adage, that 'all good things take time'

Things grow. Plants, careers, relationships - building on past knowledge.

You might not have the time to notice how cute they are when they turn their head a certain way.

Speed dating hints at the 'falling in love at first sight' scenario. How much of this has to do with attraction and lust? Lots of people swear they 'knew' their partner was for them when they saw or met them.

In the same way instinct tells most of us when we don't like a person.

At least there is face to face interaction - giving a person chance to use their intuition and feelings

It will be interesting in the future when they've done surveys to see how sustainable those hook ups panned out.


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