Love Around The World

Love Around The World

Posted 2014-03-21 by angelstarfollow

I have just returned home from Fiji, and was really impressed by the beauty and love of everyone over there; even though they live a very simple and non-confusing life.

I noticed that just because they don’t have the money or resources to help themselves survive; they are genuinely happy overall. The smile on all of their faces everyday was just mesmerising and beautiful to see.

That word love is the full force of Fiji, and how the Fijian's live on a daily basis. Everyone helps each other out and makes sure no one in their community is left out. They have such a gentle grace and power within them that they truly use for good.

When I met adults and children at different villages, they gave me a feeling of happiness, and an urge of giving what I possibly could. I handed out my books “Little Braveheart Finds New Friends,” and some yummy goodies. All the children came running up to me with arms out wide wanting big hugs and kisses. Gorgeous.

The adults greeted me with open arms, and a connection of love as soon as we entered their villages.

It is a hard life for Fijians, but they have an acceptance of their life just the way it is now. It sure has opened my eyes to a different kind of love around the world.

There are so many forms of love to experience in life, and if you get the chance some time to help under privileged children, dog rescue or adults in distress, then do it. I assure you, you will feel on top of the world.

In today’s society our life is fast, stressful, confusing and hard. Pressure is put on you for silly things, and just crazy at times. It is good to see another side of life and love.

I feel that it is a shame that mankind in our western world has not slowed down, and I know that we could all learn a good, peaceful way of living our lives if we just stop trying to overdo and rush things.

I know that the love from the Fijian people is a great lesson and example to learn from. Be happy always.


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