Mistakes We Make When Meeting Someone New

Mistakes We Make When Meeting Someone New

Posted 2014-01-18 by SJPfollow

First impressions always last, hence it is important we make our first one a good one. However, if we try too hard to make a good impression on a first encounter or on a first date, the results could lead to rejection. To make a positive impression last, avoid these five common mistakes we make when meeting someone new.

Being Fake

Remember your true colours will always come out sooner or later, so don’t be fake. Ensure you are yourself at all times, as we all like people that are genuine.

Complaining and Being Negative

Avoid negativity and complaining as people do not want to be surrounded by those who have these attributes. Complaining about anything and everything does not leave a good impression to the person you want to impress. Being positive will bring out the best in you, and will make you shine when it counts the most.

The Ex Factor

No one wants to hear about your ex. If you go on about your old luggage (especially to someone you really like), they may think you are not over them. Talking obsessively about your ex will scare anyone away pronto.

Thinking It’s An Instant Relationship On A First Date

A first date does not guarantee you will get a second one. If you go in too confident, you may get disappointed. Take your first date slow, and go in with no expectations. This will prevent the nerves which will help show off your positive traits rather than your bad ones.

All About You

Making the conversation all about you, and how amazing you are is a definite no. High maintenance is a big turn off so avoid this at all times. Ask questions and show your interest in others. Being a good listener is a great trait to have so avoid making all the conversation about you.


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