My Tummy Did Flip Flops That Night

My Tummy Did Flip Flops That Night

Posted 2014-05-12 by Selina Shaplandfollow
We met through e-Harmony.

Dave and I

I was never into online dating, and had avoided it like it was going to give me hives. Then one night in early October 2013, I felt an intuitive nudge to get onto e-Harmony and check it out. I am good at following my intuition some days, and this is one of those times I am grateful that I did.

It took me nearly the whole night to write my profile and go through the questions that they ask. By midnight, I was officially out on the prowl!

It was a bit overwhelming because I went from meeting zero men to it's raining men!

Men came out the whazoo. Lovely guys, all with their own style were sending me smiles and matching information. I was having a fabulous time.

My lovely Dave didn't turn up for about two weeks after I joined. Actually, I declined his email to talk to me the first time round.

Thankfully Dave didn't give up. He went through the screening process on e-Harmony as I had asked, and that was how I started to get to know the man of my dreams.

He was an animal keeper and trained owls. I loved owls, and had put up a drawing of an owl that I had done. I didn't know it at the time but he saw that as a sign that I was the right chick for him.

This is the owl I had on my profile drawn by me

We hit it off straight away, and I found myself checking my messages about 600 times a day. That's an exaggeration but it was close, I'm sure of it.

During this time, I had about five conversations going with different men. I had to get my money's worth and make sure that I felt I was connecting with the right kind of guy for me.

It was fun keeping up with all these various conversations. A little mentally tough but great. There are some awesome guys out there searching for the right woman to compliment them.

Dave was conversation number six. A quiet, reserved guy who wrote funny emails and had a down to earth quality about him. I liked him a lot over email.

When he eventually asked to see me, I was delighted. I furiously typed back my mobile number and set up a time and place for us to see each other.

He texted me to tell me he was too chicken to ring me which I adored. I still go all honeymoon loving when I think of that text message.

We met for a coffee on a Sunday afternoon. He was in his shorts and Sea Sheppard T-shirt, wearing his baseball cap. I had no idea if he had hair or not, because he always seemed to have the cap on and it was the same with his profile picture.

He was so polite and interested in me on a personal and intellectual level. I think I asked him every single question I could possibly think of that day and chatted all about animals.

He eventually took his cap off to show me that he didn't have hair on top. But all I could see was a beautiful person sitting in front of me. Someone I liked straight away.

I remember being a little guarded even though I knew I liked him. I had been through enough broken hearts, and this was my first tentative step out into the dating world after three years of being happily single.

When he walked me to my car, I let him give me a quick hug, and that was when I knew he was right for me. He held me for only the briefest of moments, yet that hug conveyed so much care, compassion and tenderness. It was magical to my senses, and I smiled like a goofy teenager as I drove home.

We kept in email contact for that week and arranged a formal date for the next Friday. Again, it was so difficult not to check my emails 600 hundred times for a message from him. That's how much I wanted to meet him.

Thursday night, my bedroom looked like I had ransacked it. My entire wardrobe of clothes were thrown in a pile on my bed as I searched for just the right outfit to meet this man.

My tummy was doing flip flops with the butterflies I had, and I am not sure I slept that night. I was that excited.

Friday afternoon came and I shot out the door from work faster than Speedy Gonzalez.

We met that night for dinner and a walk around the bay. He held my hand and it sent tingles up my body.

Under the starry night and an overhanging street lamp, Dave kissed me. Bubbles of happiness gurgled up inside me and I could have floated away. I was that happy.

I was smitten, and I still am. We've been a couple for about six or so months now. I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition to get online. I am not sure I would have found Dave, but then again, maybe we would have met if the stars aligned just right.


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