Passionate Gift Giving

Passionate Gift Giving

Posted 2014-03-08 by Stephfollow

The old chestnut “it’s the thought that counts” could not be truer.

It’s not just a euphemism to be muttered under your breath on receipt of a sub-par offering; when your grandmother gives you an ugly jumper, for example. It is more a suggestion to place some due care into your selection or creation of a gift.

The sentiment behind “it’s the thought that counts” means that gift giving practices can be dealt into binary oppositions. Buying pointless rubbish at the last minute is out. As is cheekily purchasing something that you’ll get more use out of than the recipient will. As is not including a card. Always include a card!

It’s pretty black and white. Thoughtless and thoughtful gifts can be clearly demarcated.

A thoughtful gift comes from the heart. It’s sappy, yes, but it’s also very valid. A gift that says something (positive) about the person you’re buying for or the time that you’ve spent with them is a winner.

It’s noteworthy that your gift should say something nice about the person that you’re giving it to. It seems like common sense; but I’ve seen quite a few presents being given that don’t say anything good about the recipient. It’s just plain rude. Though, it’s very clever if you’re in to nasty mind games. The recipient can’t be irritated about the gift if the nastiness of its sentiment is hidden behind feigned ignorance. For example; buying your girlfriend lingerie that’s a size or two too small, as a hint that she’s getting a little on the curvaceous side… Imagine the horror that ensues.

A thoughtless gift comes without any consideration of the recipient.

You’ll duly note that the issue of price is irrelevant here.

A very expensive gift can be classified as thoughtless. Let me present you with a few examples (pardon the pun): round the world plane tickets for a partner with a fear of flying; a tennis racket for a friend without any hand-eye coordination; plus Moet and Chandon for your tea-totalling mother. You see my point; expensive in no way makes a good gift.

The same rule applies to quantity. Showering someone with gifts isn’t wise either, if all of the presents are devoid of consideration.

With all of this in mind, have a good hard think about the next present that you buy. Think about making it experiential, as seems to be the trend nowadays. I sound like a crazy old lady, but doesn’t it just seem like a good idea to spend some time with the person you’re looking to express your affection for? If you’d rather not spend time with them, you’ve got to wonder why you’re even getting them a present in the first place!


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