Reasons Why He Has Not Asked You Out

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You have been waiting anxiously for months or even years for him to ask you out, but it still hasn’t happened. You keep asking yourself the same question - Why? Am I too ugly? Am I too short? Am I too fat? It is time to stop thinking these negative thoughts and start being realistic as to why he has not asked you out.

You Are Friends
Many guys do not like to cross the friendship barrier, especially if you have been friends for a very long time. Many guys care about their friendships and do not want to complicate things to avoid any possible heartbreak later on. Guys do not like to complicate things in general, so do not think you are the problem. Most guys are scared they are going to stuff things up, so avoiding the situation is their way of dealing.

He Has Dated Your Friend
He may think it is weird to move on to his ex’s friend, even if the break up was amicable. It may not only be awkward for him, but it can also be awkward for you and the relationship you have with his ex.

You Are Off Limits & You Don’t Even Know It
Little do you know that one of his other friends like you and he does not want to intrude on his territory. You may never know whether he likes you or wants to date you because of this. Guys are very good at masking their emotions.

He Doesn’t Want A Relationship
Many guys do not like to get in a relationship until they are in their late 20’s or even later on in their life. Pressuring someone is a recipe for disaster, which may definitely lead to heartbreak.

You Are Marriage Material
You see him date so many girls and you have come to conclusion that he is not into you. Well, you may be totally wrong. He may see you as marriage material and wants to start dating you when it is time to settle down.

Do not ever put yourself down he doesn’t ask you out. There is always a reason behind a guys thinking, and most of the time it is not you, it’s them.


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