Reconnection After Years Of Separation

Reconnection After Years Of Separation

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Ever wondered why love sometimes does not go the way you planned? Do you feel that it always happens at the wrong time? In these times of uncertainty always remember things happen for a reason.

Usually life does not plan out exactly how you would like it to, but there are always reasons behind it. Normally it is due to the fact that we are young and want to push and explore the boundaries. Many of us are not ready for love and do not understand it completely due to minimal experiences in life and love.

There have been many positive stories where two people have reconnected after years of separation. Many people have rekindled on Facebook, met again through mutual friends, or simply just bumped into each other unexpectedly. We must take these moments and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Most of the time, these occurrences happen unexpectedly as fate plays a part in meeting again. I have witnessed many of these stories and have heard about their happy endings, or you could say happy beginnings. Below are two beautiful stories how after years of separation has played a role in their reconnection and beginning of a relationship.

Couple #1
Couple number one knew each other during their teens, attending the same parties and having the same friends. Even though they had a teen fling, they both moved on to pursue their careers and explore what the world had to offer. More than a decade later, they bumped into each other in a restaurant. They exchanged numbers and kept in contact. Their relationship slowly got serious and they now are happily married.

Couple #2
Couple number two were schoolmates in high school, but things changed when one moved away with their family. After 15 years of separation, they found each other again on Facebook. After this encounter and speaking more regularly, they found that they had more in common than they thought. Due to their experiences and the right timing, this couple is in a happy and serious relationship.

When you hear of positive stories around you, it gives everyone hope and understanding that things, especially love, happen at certain times for a reason. Take every experience as a positive one, and there will be a day where your fate in love will be determined.


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