Relationships Are Not Rosy All The Time

Relationships Are Not Rosy All The Time

Posted 2014-02-28 by angelstarfollow

Relationship's are hard and confusing at times aren’t they? Men are so different to us in all ways.

I can’t get over how we all can live together and marry someone for the rest of our life. Forever is a huge commitment but these days it is too easy to get a divorce.

I think some people even get married for the fun of it or worse yet just to have a big glamorous wedding day with that special dream dress we all have dreamed about since we were young girls.

Forgetting the real reason why they want to marry.

There is love and there is lust. You know what I hate it is when you are in a long term relationship (over 5 years) when you go out to social gatherings together there is always some person that says “what no wedding , bit slow don’t you think?”. Then they start putting pressure on you to marry, they even give you advice on where and how to have the best day of your life.

People these day's should not just assume that there will always be a wedding. Sometimes couples prefer not to get married but have children together. That is ok to so whatever status you are in your relationship always be you and try to think about your partner’s good points, that is why you are together.

Now lust is a dangerous emotion because sometimes it can get you in to trouble. You should never marry out of lust, make sure you really know the reason for marrying your partner. Best thing to do is get a piece of paper and write down the pro’s and con’s in the relationship. If the pros out weight the cons then there is your answer.

Everybody needs to remember that it is a important commitment not to take lightly and everyday you must continue to grow that relationship and be prepared for a rough ride sometimes, life is not perfect although neither are we ,so focus on the positive in your relationship and you will succeed in maintaining a happy, prosperous lovable relationship.

Try to create some fun happy unpredictable good times to look forward to. Whatever you do , do not let your relationship go stale and to the point of boring each other, make an effort to light the ignition button in your relationship.


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