Same Love

Posted 2014-02-07 by 00000follow

In general society is becoming more accepting of the LBGT community, however there is a long way to go. The hardest thing for me to understand is why people are so hung up on it. You aren’t ostracised because of your hair colour, eye colour, how tall or short you are, and now after a long fight your skin colour doesn’t matter. So why should this?

Straight people would say they were born straight and that they didn’t choose to be straight, and if they did choose than they themselves are probably gay. People are so concerned about what others do behind closed doors and are so fiercely passionate about it, it makes you question why do you care so much?

Most will jump to the religious side, saying God doesn’t accept it, but God did say, “Love thy neighbour” didn’t he? And if we are being really nit picky about it we shouldn’t have shellfish, pork, hair cuts, clothing of mixed cloth and the list goes on and on. If he created man in his own image as they say he did doesn’t that mean God was a little gay?

Some may say that it’s unnatural because they can’t produce children, following that theory all infertile couples shouldn’t have the right to get married and have equal benefits as fertile couples. Does it also mean that once a woman has reached menopause her marriage then becomes invalid? When you think about it though, there has never been a child in a same sex family that hasn’t been wanted. With the number of teen pregnancy increasing thus the number of unwanted children increasing, isn’t it better that they go into a loving home rather than stay in an orphanage?

Society uses their sexuality to identify them, “Oh they’re gay” or “She’s a lesbian” when at the end of the day they are just a person, their sexuality doesn’t define them, it doesn’t define anyone. And what they do in their bedroom is no one’s business.

All everyone wants is to love and be loved. People are allowed to carrying on so freely preaching hate, why can’t we do the same with love. If you are going to be narrow minded and hateful, just be careful about who you say in front of, you may end up hurting someone you love.


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