Signs Your Partner Is A Keeper

Signs Your Partner Is A Keeper

Posted 2014-01-11 by SJPfollow

How do you know if you have found the one? Yes you may believe in love at first sight but does that show a person’s true colours? Making sure you choose the right partner is vital as it could mean spending the rest of lives with them. So how do you know if they are a keeper?

You Can be Yourself
You don’t want someone that wants to change you or who cannot love you for who you are with all your flaws. It is important that you can be yourself around your partner. Whether you want to cry or you are all sweaty from a gym session, you are not embarrassed of how you look or how you are feeling. Being comfortable around your partner is a must.

Your partner focuses on your good qualities and respects you as an individual. Signs of respect include willing to compromise, good listener, values your opinion and is genuinely happy when you succeed.

Your Friends and Family Approve
The people that know you the best are most likely the best judge of your partner. It is comforting to know that your family and friends get along with your partner, as they are most likely going to be seeing them more often.

Minimum Drama
It’s normal to have a fight or disagreement but when all you energy is focused on regular conflicts, you should re evaluate your relationship. No one wants to be unhappy and if you find that you are, maybe you can both agree that the relationship is not working.

Not Afraid to Show Love
This does not mean ‘pashing’ on every sidewalk so everyone can see. A simple I love you or a hug when you least expect it shows your partner appreciates you. Holding hands in public is a good indication that there is a true connection between the two of you.

You Laugh Together
Laughter is one of the simplest pleasures. If your partner can make you laugh then you will have a happy relationship.

Good luck in your quest to find love and hopefully your partner is a keeper!


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