The Clearing Lovely Things To Do After a Breakup

The Clearing Lovely Things To Do After a Breakup

Posted 2017-03-02 by Nickedfollow

Stress eating. Drinking. Smoking. Rebound love.

Tempting, right? But that is not what we are talking about.

1. Get Fit.
Happy hormones are released every after exercise. That is so much known to many. Need I say more? You get fit, you get more comfortable with yourself. By chance, if you meet friends at the gym and a possible beau, there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe you forgot to do this when you had to schedule your date with your ex instead of doing a run after work. If you gained weight for being comfortable with your partner, then get back to shape, get your mind back to health. Sadness makes your mind shrink, to work better with your life, strive to be happy. This is not just for you to get on with your life, we always need happiness in spite of all.

2. Travel.
Go some place you've never been, and make it worth it. You don't find purpose by being in a box. Travel and meet people. If you feel like it, you can travel to hunt down investors for your target company or advocacy. That way, you do not find it as an expense. Besides, you will anyway be compelled to make it worth it, otherwise, you are wasting your time and money. Enjoy your alone time, the best time to get to know yourself better.

3. Change Your Playlist
After the breakup, there is a high possibility that your playlist became sad songs. You need to get rid of those. Find your anthem, the most empowering ones that will make you happy while listening through your headphones. The breakup happened to shift you away from things that don't work. You think it hurts when you were cheated on, lied to, and other reasons that are tempting to make you slam a baseball bat on your Ex's car, but this will in a way justify the breakup. So no to revenge this time. Time will be your ultimate truth teller.

4. Repaint Your Room
Change the aura of your crying station. If you think it's too dark, change it. If you need t re-arrange pieces of furniture, do it. It doesn't help remembering which side of your bed he used to put roses on, or where she used to sit by while waiting 'til you wake up.

5. Throw Away His Gifts.
Awesome. Let's see if you can do this! Maybe just the Teddy he gave? or the rose petals in your journal, or the whole page where he or she was written into. So? Then right someone else's name again your future next wouldn't need it. Besides, someday, those memories might become your most embarrassing experiences int the future that you need to forget, so save yourself.

6. Unleash Your Artistic Side.
Invest in yourself by finding an Arts teacher. It will improve your aesthetic ability. Moreover, you might learn that you are good in drawing portraits, sculpting, it might become your new love at the moment while waiting for "the one".

7. Go Home.
If in case you've been away from your family in a long while. It's time to go home. A star fish heal's itself by going home. A month away from your family is such a great deal to catch up on. This is a great deal of looking back to where you were, which scars you've had to heal, and which doesn't hurt you anymore.

That's just life. We appreciate happiness after experiencing sadness. We might feel like we have lost ourselves in the process, but change is lifelong. What is painful now, won't always be.


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