The Debate Paying On The First Date

The Debate Paying On The First Date

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Years ago, it was very common for the male to pay the bill on a first date. But with the times changing, and the emphasis on equality between men and women, has this gesture gone out the window?

Should men still pay on the first date? This great debate has divided many. Some believe that men should, but is it necessary?

If you are a traditionalist, paying the bill is a given, but nowadays it is common to split the bill. With the times changing, no man should feel obliged to pay. However, if a male does pay, it sends the impression that he is generous. In some instances, men may feel that if they pay, their date may begin to expect this on a regular occasion.

Regardless, no woman should go on a date expecting that the male will pay. Women should always be prepared that there is possibility of sharing the costs. It is extremely common splitting the bill. Splitting does not mean it will be the first and last date you have together.

It can be a tricky dating scenario, but it should not be that complicated. If you want to pay, then pay, however there is no rulebook that states a man should always pay on the first date. All this will do is show his generosity and make a good first impression. There are very few men that would make a female foot the bill, however just in case, be prepared with a bit of money in your wallet for the unexpected.

What do you think? Should men pay on the first date?


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