The Man You will Marry

The Man You will Marry

Posted 2014-05-13 by Katiefollow
Image Courtesy of Sharron Goodyear

They say that if a woman wants to marry someone or end up marrying someone who is like their dad. Well not me! The person that my family thinks is the perfect suitor for me is not who I would want to marry.

He's a lot like my dad. I've noticed some similarities, but they aren't exactly ones that make me like him more. They are kind of his annoying quirks. Luckily for me this is not 1920, and I don't have to marry someone who is of the same race or religion or class.

I was once told that you can't change people. It's a lesson I have learnt, but it fails to stick with other people. I know now that my father cannot be changed, and the things I don't like about him won't change either. He's stubborn in his ways, and I know now that I can't change that.

So why is it people say we all want to marry someone like our dad's? Well they don't mean that we wan someone exactly the same. Just that we want someone who is kind, loving and treats us with respect. The same way we would see our dad's treat our mothers. If I can find someone to love and respect me, then that's who I want to marry.


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