The Mystery Of Love

The Mystery Of Love

Posted 2015-02-24 by angelstarfollow
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This is a strange comment isn't it?. When you think about it how do you really know if you are in love with someone or attracted to them and lust after them. The difference is your feelings and emotions, about being true to yourself.

Lust is when you are highly attracted to someone but the physical out weighs the personality and all that you are as a human being. Us women like to feel and talk while expressing our inner self but some men are like a nut shell very hard to crack. This is where you have to decide if that person is worth it or not.

These days it is hard to find genuine true love that you hope lasts a lifetime but yes it is out there. In order to find that kind of love we all have to take our own brick walls down and charge right through it.

Some men are such closed books you are not sure how to handle them. Closed book partners can open and turn their own pages for you only when you give them the space and trust they require to be loved.

Movies these days make it really hard on people because we analyse and dream about our knight and shining armour that we believe is out there somewhere, bit like "Pretty Woman". Now in 2015 woman need to wake up and be strong, confident and yet delicate in some ways so men can see your inner self.

We all want to be loved deep down it's just that we all express it in many different ways. Allow your heart to be open and ready for love at anytime. Remember it will find you when you least expect it as they say expect the unexpected. Good Luck


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