The Online Date Part 2

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Part 2 of The Online Date

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Replies came in thick and fast - emails and virtual kisses. A lot of them looked like hillbillies and older than my stated age bracket of 40-60 years old.

A reply from a good-looking guy seven years younger than me came with a compliment about my profile being funny but truthful. I thanked him. I was looking for someone my own age or older but didn't see the harm in just chatting.

We got on famously and decided to meet as friends - it would be fun to share dating stories and we only lived 15 minutes from each other.

Meeting Day

We met at a cafe and instantly felt at ease. After laughing and talking for a while he suggested we cross the road ditching the coffee for wine and maybe a cocktail or two.

I saw no reason to refuse - my other option was a cup of tea with the tele and my two dogs and sifting through net profiles of men that had been spawned from a rather shallow gene pool. In fact the decision was easy to agree to.

After several hours of animated talk, five cocktails, a bottle of wine and some food he invited me to his place which was nearby saying there was Bollinger in the fridge , some old Motown disco, Bee Gees, Earth, Wind and Fire and Elton John on the iPod.

His offer included a 'no pressure' promise and a promise to 'behave'.

We had spent the last six hours together having a roaring fun night, would I refuse an offer like that?? Hell NO! Off we went.


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