The Soul Mate Theory

The Soul Mate Theory

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“Love is putting a piece of soul into someone else’s care, and being responsible for an equal share of theirs.” - P S Berg

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The phrase “soul mate” originated in Greek mythology and came about because Zeus, fearing human interference regarding the authority of the Gods, decided to split the human soul into two parts, in the belief that we would be better occupied looking for our other half, and many people have spent a lifetime doing just this.

Fact or fiction, we all have our own perception of what a soul mate should be, however for some, the romantic fantasy created in the mind makes it impossible for any mere mortal to live up to the extremely high expectations they may have. As a result, all too often that special person is turned away without the realisation that they are made special because of their faults, warts and all.

We all have our own personal preference and an image in our mind of what that special someone should be and look like. We do tend to be attracted to those people who mirror ourselves, and it is believed that we were this person in another life, however, what our soul needs is not necessarily what our head wants, and the power of attraction is very strong. If we could look a little further than the front cover, try considering the following:

• Does this person inspire you to improve and grow?

• Do you find comfort in their presence, and an aching in their absence?

• Do they treat you with the respect you deserve?

• Do they value your opinions?

• Do they love you unconditionally?

• Do they foster in you a sense of worth?

• Do they protect you and hold your hand through the good and bad times?

• Do they make you laugh?

While your soul mate may not look like the Greek God or Goddess of your dreams, yet if they fulfil all of the above and continue to do so as you walk life’s path together; then surely you have found your soul mate. Together you may face all those kerb balls that life will throw your way and still come out the other side stronger and wiser, united in love, respect, honesty and a belief in each other that comes from deep inside your soul.


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