Three Words I Love You

Three Words I Love You

Posted 2014-04-05 by SJPfollow

‘I Love You’ is as phrase that can make or break a relationship. Most likely it will be reciprocated, however, sometimes it can lead to an awkward silence or just a simple 'thank you’.

To profess your love to someone is powerful, but it can be difficult to know when these three words should be said, and who should say them first. Before saying ‘I Love You,’ ensure that you have an idea of your partner’s feelings towards you. These words cannot be detracted, so you need to be sure that you are saying them at the right time and to the right person.

‘I Love You’ should not be said too early in the relationship, as it can lose value to its meaning. Too early may make your partner think that you say ‘I Love You’ to all your dates. Take your time to build a strong relationship. There is no exact time when you should say these words, but don’t say them ‘just because’ - say them because you mean it.

Contradictory to this, do not wait too long. Your partner may get tired of waiting, and may think that you are not interested in them, which may result in your relationship being ruined. Signs to look for when you know they may feel the same way include:

- They are happy around you
- Baby you when you are sick
- They want to meet your family and friends
- They talk about their future with you
- Your opinions count

These may be apparent in the first few weeks of being together as you are in the ‘honeymoon’ stage, however if these aspects continue after a few months, saying ‘I Love You’ will be worth your while.

However, there are times where you definitely cannot say these words. Do not say these words when you are intoxicated, and do not over think it as it should come from the heart and not the head. Always say these words in person, and never profess your love over the phone, in a text message or via email. This will again make these words lose their meaning.

There is no going back when you say the ‘L’ word. There is nothing more powerful by professing your love, and in return they say ‘I Love You’ back.


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