Time Heals

Time Heals

Posted 2014-06-10 by angelstarfollow

This is a poem I wrote when I was at a bad stage in my life. My pain felt real as you will see in this poem.

As I sit waiting in a strange place to be
My life goes by slowly with a strong urge to see
Realms of sorrow and pain are torn apart
Like two shooting arrows straight through my heart
Closed eyes are worn with tears falling down
Shutting out the past, try to keep my feet on ground
Life’s like a ball thrown up in the air
Sadness around brings on great despair
One step forward and one step back
Everlasting memories now I am on the right track
Time not to worry, see forward ahead
Shining beauty within, your soul must be fed
To dream the greatest and have all the best
Makes us who we are, truly blessed

Angel’s heal your pain and sorrow
Take away your sadness for a new day tomorrow
The warmth of life surrounds us all
Lift your spirit’s high you will hear the angel’s call
Lights of calm and tranquil song
Serenity is found and your life goes on
Like a flower that grows and that dies
Your pain is a whirlwind that will subside
A new dawn is near but on goes the pain
Wishing you had the power to turn time back again
Time is your healer with all the time that you need
Open your sad heart and now you will start to receive


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