Wedding For You Maybe

Wedding For You Maybe

Posted 2014-02-05 by angelstarfollow

As I am sitting here typing this article, I am at home on my veranda looking out to the crystal blue water and the beach at the end of my street. I can see white chairs all lined up in a row with gorgeous frilly ribbons dangling down. Also standing is a beautiful white arch way all covered with white decorations facing the ocean.

I live in a fairly remote area, so I am surprised to see a Wedding here today. Where I live is a well kept secret I don’t want too many people to know the destination, as it is a hidden paradise.

Good for them. It is 29 degrees with slight winds blowing; a perfect day for a wedding. I am thinking to myself who is the bride and groom? Where are they from? How did they find this little gem?

I have all these questions going around in my head. The real question is “I wonder what the bride will look like?” - so I have my binoculars ready to get the best seat in the house.

A funny thing that happened as well - I said to my partner how about if I get dressed up and gate crash the wedding? I was remembering the funny movie called The Wedding Crashers (loved it). Anyway he said go on then I will drive you to the wedding. Ee both had a good laugh.

Now I am not married, and never have been - so I do look forward to my special day one of these days. The spot is so perfect, and therefore I am a little bit envious of the bride; but don’t get me wrong - I wish them all the best. I hope they live a wonderful, happy and healthy life forever.

I had a very good friend get married two years ago. This was a lovely wedding day; bride and groom both chilling out stress free. Everything was just right for him and her.

I have been to some of my other friends' weddings, and the bride has turned into bridezilla, stressed by all the planning and trying to please both parents.

Under pressure with seating arrangements or guests list planning. I think that is a big shame to let yourself get into a state like that. This is your day, and no one else's. So although I want to marry one day, I hope that my parents are around to see it happen, as all brides want.

When mine does happen one day, I will choose to be a stress free bride - care free and chilled. Now slowly cars are starting to turn up. I am keeping a watch out for the bride, the groom and the bridesmaids.

If you are engaged right now and planning your wedding, remember to make it your day, not someone else’s. Don’t change things just to suit other people. Don’t invite people you do not have contact with in your life regularly. Be you. Show your personality and own style at your wedding.

It is going to be the most important day of your life. If you are neither, there is plenty of time. Just enjoy life.

Your time will come just like me. Waiting is a pain I know, but in the end it will worth it.


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