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Posted 2014-11-14 by Katiefollow
Take your date somewhere there nice and have a picnic, or just enjoy the view. Image courtesy of Jennifer Ellison www.freedigitalphotos.net

When it comes to dates, it's always nice for your date to pick what you're doing and when. But it can be hard when they say you decide. In fact it bugs me a little. I like surprise and I like not making choices sometimes. Don't we all?

I recently met a guy and I asked what he wanted to do for our next date. He said up to you, and when I gave him ideas he said I'm not really bothered. It had me worried he wasn't really keen, but we had an awesome date. Since I've already done all the research into awesome date ideas, I'm going to share them for you.

Forget the old dinner and movie. Why not play tourist? Take your date to a place you know well, that they don't really know themselves. Take them to the best ice cream parlour and your favourite restaurant in the area. Showing off your knowledge might just impress them and lead to date number two.

If you like a good laugh a comedy show is a good way to go. Most comedy shows do dinner as well as a the show. I love a good laugh, and if your date does too this would be a great date night. Search the web for comedy shows in your city. I've found a place in my city that does a free comedy show once a week.

Movies with a difference. If you can find one that is. There is only one drive in movie in my city that I know of and it's a long drive from my place. The long drive can give you time to chat with your date so it's not a bad thing if you don't mind to travel the distance.

Supporting local music is something I really like to do. And why not take someone with so you can both enjoy it? Find a place that has a free live show on in your area, usually local pubs have them. Arrive early so you can chat before the music starts.

Unless your date was like mine and didn't care where you go or what you do, or like me they like surprises try and get any information you can out of your date. You don't want to take him/her for a picnic on the beach only to find out he/she hates the beach. Or ice skating, and you find out he/she can't skate and doesn't want to go. I once went on a date and we went to an Irish pub. There was an old Irish man playing a trash can and it was very loud. It was hard to hear anything and when I started to get a headache and asked if we could go somewhere else, my date declined saying he really liked the old mans music.
I couldn't stay much longer as the headache was killing me. So the date ended early and we never had date number 2.

-A picnic
-A day at the beach
-Art Galleries
-Cooking classes
-Laser Tag
-Paint Ball


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