Why We Need To Chase It Before Its Gone

Why We Need To Chase It Before Its Gone

Posted 2014-06-11 by Nickedfollow

Love is free flowing energy. Some may fade, some are renewed. Loving is a choice through time.

I remember a female celebrity being asked if she would chase a man. She said matter-of-factly, “Yes, as long as love pushes me. I will, rather than thinking of the ‘what ifs’ later on.”

Very well said, indeed. As long as you have the right to ask why, as long as your passion still burns or hurt, you may have to cry it out instead of longer feeling of loss.

Love is like chasing after a train when you’re sure that another one is coming. You need it bad in that time of your life, but it’s just not meant to be yours—and you only have to hold on to hope that a better one is coming along.


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