Stop Expecting So Much

Stop Expecting So Much

Posted 2014-02-13 by nicholafollow

All of us ladies have a romanticised idea of what should happen on Valentine’s Day from watching too many movies and comparing our lives to the lives of others. To put it plainly, some guys are just not good at Valentine’s Day; the planning and organising; the romantic gestures and so forth. You may be let down if you have your hopes on a really expensive restaurant or night out, or expensive jewellery if your partner is tight on cash. Another reason for that is that men aren't mind readers. No matter how well your partner knows you, he may have never heard of the restaurant you’d like to go to, and you will need to forgive him for not remembering the earrings you said you liked in passing at the shops a couple of months ago. Also, since when has the day been all about you?

While the history of Valentine’s Day is a little murky, it is known that Saint Valentine was a priest in the third century in Rome under Claudius II. Claudius II made it illegal for young men to get married because it distracted them from their real purpose as soldiers. Valentine saw this as outrageous, so he married them anyway and got himself imprisoned by doing so. Allegedly it is in jail that he met and fell in love with the jailers’ daughter and gave her a card signed “from your Valentine.” Valentine’s Day has since been celebrated and has seen a renaissance with the mass production of Valentine’s Day cards. Traditionally, lovers exchange letters, flowers and chocolates; however capitalism has seen the day grow to include expensive jewellery, expensive dinners, or whatever else you want really.

This Valentine’s Day, appreciate the small things like the card or the home cooked meal, or simply the fact that you have each other - and that you both made it this far. Most guys do go to the effort of getting something like flowers or chocolates. Think that maybe that is enough. It’s up to you to do something for your partner too. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for lovers after all, and not just for us women to receive gifts.


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