Bucks Party Etiquette

Bucks Party Etiquette

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‘My fiancé went to Vegas for his bucks party and broke up with me two months before the wedding.’ These were the words I could not believe I heard from a girl I knew. This made me think about what is and is not acceptable at a buck’s party. It should definitely be a night to remember but is it necessary to have to leave the country to have a great buck’s party?

Bucks parties should not make or break a relationship. It should be a night that the boys get together before the groom-to-be get’s married. It is not meant to be a pass to leave the country and decide to break off the wedding two months before the date.

Besides having a good time, there needs to be respect for your partner. Being silly, disrespectful and above all having regrets of the night is not how a buck’s party should end.

Make sure alcohol consumption is moderate throughout the night. It is important to eat well before drinking begins, as there may be an influx of alcohol that you usually would not have. Being intoxicated could lead to some unnecessary behavior that you may regret, which may not resonate well with your fiancé.

Most likely there will be hired entertainment that is usually organised by friends of the buck. This is entirely normal, but it is crucial that there is respect and courtesy at all times. Abide by the entertainer’s wishes and do not insinuate any actions that are unnecessary and disrespectful.

If you are having thoughts of behaving disrespectful, think about your relationship with your fiancé. If you feel that you would cheat on your fiancé because it is your buck’s party, then you should reconsider whether marriage is the best option. Do not do anything that you wouldn’t like your fiancé doing at her bachelorette. Remember it takes two to tango so don’t ruin your relationship over one night. It is still important to have fun, but don’t do anything you will regret!


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