Valentines Day Again

Posted 2014-02-03 by angelstarfollow

Another year has gone past and here we are again soon to be in the struggle of valentine’s .Everybody has their own view of this day, some really get so cut up about, so I thought I would tell you how some of my friends in the past have dealt with it.

I had a friend who was single for many years, she loved it that way, quite a balanced and cheerful person over all. Yet when this day came she would get sad and depressed, even very judgemental of other’s. Suddenly she would turn into a totally different person, hard to understand really. She felt that even though she was single she deserved flowers or a glance from across the room from guys, basically because she was pretty and had everything going on for her but this made her undervalue herself. She would go out especially to pick up and have fun every time valentines came around. I could not understand her logic but that was just her.

Nowadays yes she has a wonderful boyfriend , they have been in a long term relationship and for valentine’s day all she wants is a card, she already knows he loves her.

One of my other friends is in a good relationship with her boyfriend but she starts to freak out and get angry on that day. She says, she feels that it is the guys duty to pamper her with flowers,dinner and romance .Trouble is her boyfriend seems to think she should be doing some thing nice for him, not just a one way street.

When it comes down to it Valentines to me is about too much commercialism so the public experiences pressure to deliver to their partner.

Me in my relationship, my long term partner gives me a card and we go out for dinner sometimes. We should always remember it is not about the material gifts or treats you receive but the lovely gesture from your partner, they should not feel they have to buy you a gift just to prove their love.

Some people have relationships where they are happy to hold hands or show affection in public and other’s just choose not to display such affection in public. That does not mean he loves you any less.

A card with kind words can do so much for a relationship, don’t expect the guy to make the first move all the time, maybe you should take the lead and see how your relationship will blossom.

Are you a receiver and never give gifts to your partner, there will be a time when they would like to be on the receiving end.Try to think of their emotions and feelings for a while.

If your single try not to feel sad or unloved you can change anything in your life if you decide to .

Focus on something else for that day, why not treat yourself some flower’s that will put a smile on your face or better still buy yourself your favourite bottle of perfume. Treat yourself with one thing you would like and know you will feel special when you do it.


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