Dating A Work Colleague

Dating A Work Colleague

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With many of us spending more than 40 hours spent in the workplace, there is a chance that you may begin a relationship with a work colleague. There is nothing wrong with having a relationship at work, however, you should always take precautions to ensure that you do not jeopardise your employment.

Being 100% sure that you want to be involved in a work romance is a must. If you decide early on that you do not want to be with that person, it is best not to begin something as it may result in work issues later on. You both need to make sure it is the right decision. If it does not work, you will need to remember that you will still see each other in the work place.

Sometimes love just happens and you cannot help that you fall in love with a work colleague. If you decide to take the relationship further, try not to be overly affectionate at work. Keep it low key and always be professional around the work place. Your other colleagues may not want to see public displays of affection.

It is important to think about the consequences that may occur if things do not work out. If a relationship does not work, make sure it does not create too much awkwardness in the workplace. Always be professional and do not bring personal issues to work. Unfortunately it is not easy leave your job if things go wrong, so always be amicable if it does not work out.

Although it is important to think of the worst possible outcome, it is also important to think of all the positives about being in a relationship with your colleague. It allows you to spend more time with them and you could even car pool to work! Enjoy everything this relationship has to offer and who knows you might enjoy being at work that little bit more.


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