Dating Advice For Men

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Most men go on dates with no expectations and just let it pan out however it may. The real truth is, dating advice for men is pivotal in making a long lasting impression, and to ensure that you do not make a fool of yourself. Below are a few tips that will allow any man to make the best of dating.

Confident Not Cocky
Girls hate cocky men, but like a guy that has personality and confidence. If you really like the girl, make sure you avoid being cocky at all costs. She will find this unattractive. Instead, be a little bit modest and show you are genuine. This is a good way to make a lasting impression.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex
Talking about your ex is a complete turn off. Your date will think you are not over them and they may think twice about going on another date with you. Ex’s are in the past and should stay there.

Drink Rather Than Dinner Is Ok
There is nothing wrong with suggesting to go out for a drink rather than dinner. Going for a drink at a bar or a café is a great idea, as it is casual and allows you both the opportunity to leave early if the date is not going that well.

Sharing Dessert
If you are on a dinner date, why not share a dessert. This is very romantic and you may get some extra points. However, make sure you choose a dessert that you both agree on and like. There is nothing worse than eating it on your own.

Don’t Say You Will Call Her If You Won’t
After a date, don't say you will call if you won't. A girl would prefer you to say nothing, rather than play with their emotions and give them false hopes. This is a cheap lie that won’t go anywhere; so don’t bother unless you genuinely will call her.

It is always good to be open and honest when dating. Send the right signals if you are in to her, don’t confuse her and play hard to get. If you do not want to go on another date with her, be mindful and respectful as girls have feelings too.


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