Power Politics

Power Politics

Posted 2014-08-01 by Millie Claytonfollow

My Father once told me that the people who are best at their jobs, are the ones that are prepared to leave it. This may also apply in relationships.

I hate to acknowledge that power dynamics are so pertinent in any relationship but it's true. In many conversations with my parents we spoke about the 'power' in a relationship. In another person's language, the conversation about power may revolve around the terminological phrase of 'who wears the pants.'

I in no right, know and understand the dynamics of power in relationships. But I do feel as if it is important to keep in mind the political facets within the notion of romantic relationships. How does one get 'power' back? Unfortunately, power tends to favour the individual that cares less.

There is a balance that must be held between being caring and taking care of yourself. Putting yourself first sometimes is necessary. This is due to the fact that no matter how perfect your moral stature is, one will always take advantage of another if the they let them. Know yourself and know your generosity. Don't let anyone take advantage of you. You are worth only as much as you feel about yourself.


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