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There is a lot of pressure when it comes to organising a first date. Dinner and movies can get tired and too passe. Therefore, why not shake it up by organising something outside of your comfort zone. You will definitely make an impression thinking outside the square. Who knows, you may even score a second date.


Filled with some of the most exotic and beautiful sea creatures, the aquarium is a great place for a date as it exudes a romantic atmosphere. Stroll through darkened rooms and the beautifully lit habitats. This is a perfect date to enjoy beauty and serenity in a different environment.

Wine Tasting Tour

If you both have a love of wine, then don’t go past a wine tasting tour at your closest winery. With a few glasses of wine, you and your date will be nice and relaxed. The conversations will just flow.

Brunch Instead of Dinner

Brunch is a great alternative for a dinner date. It gives you the option to have breakfast or a lunch meal if you are unsure what your date would prefer to eat. If brunch goes well, a day date will give you some flexibility to spend more time together to enjoy another activity.

Hit the Outdoors

We usually find ourselves indoors when we are on a date, so why not change it up by heading outdoors. Hiking or rock climbing are two great activities to bring out anyone’s adventurous side. This will allow you both to have fun and avoid any awkward moments as you will be mostly active.

Have A Three Course Meal… At Different Places

Want to do dinner with a twist? Start off at a restaurant for entrée, and then move onto another for main, and then again for dessert. This will keep the night interesting with different sceneries as you go along.

The lists are endless for first dates, but keep in mind the weather if you are wanting to do an outdoor activity. If you want to keep the date a surprise, ensure you tell your date what the appropriate attire will be.

From here on in your date should be smooth sailing.

Good luck and enjoy your first date.


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