The EX Stalker

Posted 2014-02-09 by SJPfollow

After a break up it can be a difficult to move on and forget about your ex. With the growing trends of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is very easy to stalk an ex nowadays.

Looking at your ex's photos, ‘check ins’ and statuses on their social media page is the worst thing that you could do, especially if you want to get over them quickly.

Seeing your ex with other girls or guys will only make you upset and angrier seeing that they have moved on without you in their life. Social media stalking will obstruct any process of healing and not to mention waste so much of your time that your ex does not deserve.

However, don’t be fooled with what is shared on social media sites. This is not always a true indication of what they are actually feeling at this stage. Social media can be a misleading tool and may not be an accurate measure of your ex’s happiness and success. They may only be posting certain things on social media to get a reaction from their past love.

Don’t torture yourself with things that you cannot change as it can bring out many insecurities. Instead, stay away from your ex’s social media page by deleting it. This is a great start to begin the process of moving on as it is important to remember that if your ex is out of sight, then they will be out of mind.

There is always a reason why your ex is now your ex. Don’t dwell on past relationships, instead learn from them and take the positives instead of the negatives. Let’s face it, there is no reason why we should be friends with an ex on social media if it is going to make you feel upset every time you view their pages. So make the move today and de-friend them ASAP!


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