The Perfect Wingman

The Perfect Wingman

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When hitting the bars and clubs to have a good night out, it doesn't hurt to have a good wingman by your side as you never know what lovely girl you may meet.

If you are a fan of the comedic duo Hamish and Andy and their gap year television series, you will be aware of how Hamish's noble mission as The Ultimate Wingman. Yes they make a satire out of it, however, the true reasons for a wingman is much more important than one may believe.

For some men, talking to the opposite sex may be daunting and they may fear the risk of rejection. Having someone by your side that gives you confidence will make all the difference in having a conversation (and maybe a date) with that hot girl at the bar.

When choosing your wingman, make sure you choose him right. The best person for the job is a friend that has similar traits and he will do everything in his power to be the best wingman possible.

Knowing his mission is a must. He cannot come out with you and decides that he wants to cut your lunch or that he is going to find him self a girl rather than help out a mate. The best wingman to have is one that is already in a serious relationship, which will ensure he is focused on you and your needs for the evening.

When you are both out at a club, your wingman should always motivate you and boost your confidence making you prepared for any girl you meet. When that perfect girl comes along your wingman must do his best to keep all the other girls in her group entertained, giving you the chance to move in.

He should never outshine you, instead, he should shed the best possible light on you, exposing all your good traits.


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