You Be The Clock Ill Be The Timing

You Be The Clock Ill Be The Timing

Posted 2014-01-19 by Millie Claytonfollow

There is a perfect contentedness you discover when you let things go and release the need to control everything. "It's like being on a damn holiday! I can't believe this is what I've been missing!" I don't necessarily believe in fate but I am not one hundred percent on board with the arguments for existentialism either. I do, however, prescribe to the sense that everything will manage to fall into place. I manage to thrive in situations where other people are trying to pick themselves off the pavement because I adopt the foresight to know it will be what defines me one day.

Timing is such a strange phenomenon as it is what makes the difference between being with someone and not. Getting along with someone is easy. Managing to choose the right time to settle is so much more difficult.

I admire the people who know when they need to be by themselves. It is those people who end up having more meaningful relationships. They are comfortable within themselves to be able to share their happiness and lives with someone else. It is these people that have the maturity to realise that heartbreak is never about that particular someone else. The heartbreak is about you. It revolves around your ability to still know the value of yourself without the company of another. Know the timing is right before jumping into a relationship. If you don't know who you are alone then you most certainly learn from another.


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